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The Whisky code

Whisky is a code to evolve the equations of general relativistic hydrodynamics (GRHD) and magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD) in 3D Cartesian coordinates on a curved dynamical background. It was originally developed by and for members of the EU Network on Sources of Gravitational Radiation and is based on the Cactus Computational Toolkit. Whisky can also implement adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) if compiled together with Carpet.

A public GRHD version of Whisky is available for download here. This version has also been included in publicly-available software collection for numerical relativity Einstein Toolkit, where it is being actively developed and updated. It was renamed to GRHydro to avoid confusion with the also actively developed MHD version of Whisky. Although not publicly released (yet) this version is available for use; if interested please contact Bruno Giacomazzo or Luciano Rezzolla (see authors' link).

Whisky has grown from earlier codes such as GR3D and GRAstro_Hydro, but has been rewritten to take advantage of some of the latest research performed here in the EU. The motivation behind Whisky is to compute gravitational radiation waveforms for systems that involve matter. Examples would include the merger of a binary system containing a neutron star, which are expected to be reasonably common in the universe and expected to produce substantial amounts of radiation. Other possible sources are given in the projects list.


This is a rough attempt of a world map which shows in green the location of Whisky developers and in white locations of Whisky users. Note: This map is not complete and may never be, if you do not let us know about any missing or wrong information. Please make suggestions about additions or corrections to the whisky-developers mailing list. This map was created using xplanet from this list of developers/users.

This page is maintained by Bruno Giacomazzo, Frank Löffler, and Luciano Rezzolla.